Dates & Fee


Regular Registration

Late Registration Deadline
Late Registration Fee      
 May 29 - June 2
   May 5th

After May 5th  


 June 5-9 

  May 12th



After May 12th 


  • NO 2 week discount after May 5th
  • We do not offer sibling discounts.  Camp cost is $6.15 per hour..cheaper than a babysitter!
  • TWO WEEKS: 1/4 discount if you sign up BEFORE May 6th. (Two weeks= $236.25)

  • Late fees are not meant to mean, they are in place to encourage you to sign up promptly, so we can hire staff, secure facilities, purchase t-shirts and plan accordingly.

  • Tee shirts are not guaranteed for late registration campers (we usually have extra tee shirts for them).