About Us

Camp Directors:
 Camp Directors Stan Lambros (bottom left) and Karen Scott (bottom right) have experience working with students in grades kindergarten through college. The above picture was taken at Breckenridge, Colorado with the CMHS Cross Country Team.
Besides being FUN CAMP Directors, Stan and Karen have organized and supervised student trips to Washington DC, New Mexico, San Francisco, Arizona, Florida, Mountain Snowshoe Hut Trips, Leadville, Ouray and to the Flying Horse Ranch in Colorado, where they held a high altitude training camp for the CMHS Cross Country Team. Their experience in the day to day nuances of camp life is extensive.
Camp History:
After more than twenty five years of organizing and directing various sports camps, Fun Camp was born in 2008 after a lengthy discussion about the daily pressures that our youth experience and the subsequent issues that accompany such stress. During this discussion, we decided to create an atmosphere for camp that promotes just plain old fun. The type of fun that we grew up having as children. 
Stan grew up going to the local recreation center every day! At "The Rec" he learned how to be creative, explore, and enjoy having fun beyond sports. It was during this time that he developed a larger sense of identity and learned how to work cooperatively with others. These experiences helped guide him into his chosen profession as a school counselor and coach. Likewise, Karen grew up playing creatively in the woods behind her house, going down the street to play and creating games with the neighborhood kids.This sense of creativity ultimately led Karen to pursue a degree in art and later a masters degree in education. It is these similar experiences that lead us to let down our hair and promote the idea of stress free fun. You would think that last statement is funny if you knew Stan--He's bald!
Camp Philosophy:

GOAL: We strive to provide a noncompetitive experience where campers have FUN, make friends and build self-confidence by encouraging campers to work cooperatively with their group in a variety of activities that are not limited to one mind set. Campers will be encouraged to stretch themselves in thinking about how to have fun.

SAFETY: Safety is clearly our top priority. Our staff ratios are superior to most any other camps that you will find. The 2018 version of Fun Camp had a camper to staff ratio of 3 to 1. Fun Camp has never had less than a 6 to 1 ratio! We have adequate staff to ensure proper supervision while on hikes, in the pool, on the bouncy, playing games or walking around campus. Not only do we have staff, but we have excellent staff. Our staff members are certified teachers in the classroom, college students and members of the cross country team. Our student counselors go through our application process and our training sessions, before they are chosen as a FUN CAMP counselors. We do not take the safety of your children lightly!
FUN: Next to safety, we're all about fun! We have a program packed with activities. In fact, last year at camp, we have so many activities that we did not have time to do them all. It's endless! Campers quickly make friends and soon feel part of the camp community as they join in the fun of playing. Not one person is left out--EVERYONE CAN HAVE FUN.

NON-COMPETITIVE: We believe FUN CAMP should have an emphasis on noncompetitive activities that are both team-oriented and individually based. Such design will help campers quickly make friends, feel at home, and to stretch themselves into trying new activities. By trying new activities and developing new skills in an emotionally safe environment, campers can come away with new friends and increased self-confidence.
Challenge-by-Choice: We operate by the "Challenge-by-Choice" philosophy. You choose the activities in which you want to participate and how far you want to go with them. We supply the guidance and encouragement!

We're committed to creating a fun and rewarding experience that will last long beyond the final day of camp!